About Aphelion

Aphelion is also known as the point furthest from the sun in the orbit of a planet or a comet.

Aphelion Consortium aims to provide an environment where our students can stretch themselves to their fullest and their best, initiating useful innovations and pursuing greater personal development.


Building Bridges, Realizing Dreams

There are many bridges to build in life: family, friends, schoolmates, future working colleagues and personal networks. There are also bridges to future education, personal targets and goals and life's ambition and career. Aphelion students will be challenged and continuously reminded through their motto, Building Bridges, Realizing Dreams, to constantly build bridges in their lives so as to realize and experience the fulfillment of their dreams and to maximize their personal potential to the fullest.


1. To pool resources, in terms of time and expertise, of teachers so as to provide new educational opportunities and experiences for the students to enlarge their capacities.

2. To complement our educational approach with the development of strong character and sound values, which will take them through challenges in life.

3. To instill self discipline, personal drive and intrinsic motivation to excel in students.

4. To prepare students to be effective leaders both in school and society.

Terms of Office of Directors of Aphelion

1. Dr. Jason Wong: 2000 - 2004

2. Mrs Ke Ee Kian: 2004 - 2011

3. Dr. Chew Tyng Yong: 2011 - Present