Director's Messages

17th Jan 2023

With the ease of the SMM for COIVD-19, we will eventually have more pre-COVID events and experiences brought back to school as well as Aphelion. We look forward to welcoming 22 Korean Exchange students and 2 teachers from 27 Jan to 31 Jan who will experience home stay as well as lessons with our students.

We also look forward to having APMOPS Invitation Round be conducted after an absence of 3 years, where we will welcome Primary 6 students from local schools as well as schools from Asia Pacific Region.

Our students can eventually look forward to serving the communities via the various class-based CIP.

At the end of the year, our students will get a chance to experience home stay at Korea and attend lesson with the Korean students.

We look forward to moving back to normalcy!

21st Jan 2022

We look forward to welcoming the new Sec 1 students and their parents into the Aphelion consortium. This is the first batch of Sec. 1 using the new AL to enter HCI. While the entry point may be different from their seniors, we believe that the most important thing for them is the mindset that they possess that matters. Having a growth mindset to accept challenges and new experience in a new setting, always willing to lend a helping hand and also accept help from others when needed, will ensure that the transitions to HCI will be a smooth one.

For the Sec 3 coming in from other consortiums, we also welcome you to Aphelion. Though in a different consortium settings, we still are members of the school community following the school motto and mission. Sec. 3 is a challenging year with new changes and challenges both social, academic and in your CCAs. Having a growth mindset will also help you be more acceptance of others and yourself.

Sec 2 and Sec 4 are likewise, key transition years for you. Be mindful and practice acts of kindness to others and yourselves.

Wishing all a great start of the year!

6th Jan 2021

Dear Aphelionites,

2020 has been a very different time for all but we are thankful that Singapore has risen up to the occasion and the situation is looking good in Singapore.

In 2021, what is your resolution? What are you looking forward to?

No matter what has passed (the good and the bad) in 2020, it's history. Putting that behind and moving forward to the new year with new aspirations and motivation to receive the new challenges is more important.

We welcome the new 94 S1 students as well as 50 S3 students from Ortus, iSpark and ProEd to Aphelion! May your stay with us be fruitful and memorable.

To the rest of the S3 Aphelionites in other consortiums, "Once and Aphelionite, always an Aphelionite"!

We also wish our S4 2020 all the very best as they embark on their next stage in college.

Warmest regards

Dr. Chew

29th May 2020

Dear Aphelionites,

It must have been a very difficult and a very different year for all of us, teachers, students, parents, and the whole of Singapore because of the COVID - 19 pandemic.

Yet, we have heard, read and seen for ourselves many of the kind deeds that are done by many of the people around us; some whom we know, many we don't. May we continue to be uplifted and also extend our help to those around us - our families, friends and even strangers.

With the circuit breaker measures, we have taken school to a new level. Many of us were moving to uncharted areas of FHBL. The teachers learnt new ICT skills, shared with each other new and better ways of making online lessons more interesting and new features that were embedded in Google Classrooms, SLS, etc.

For students, it is also challenging to do homework online, frequent network lag, more onscreen time and less social interactions with each others.

The new term will start on 2nd June. I believe all of us are looking forward to meeting each other and greeting each other face to face, although it will be very different from the usual start of the term.

Do continue to stay safe, keep healthy and be kind to each other!

Warmest regards

Dr. Chew

4th Jan 2020

Dear Aphelionites,

Welcome back to school! 2020 marks the new decade for everyone. Wishing all a great start to the new decade!

The school has just celebrated its 100th Anniversary last year and we could see the school's standing together ensuring that the many of the celebration events were a success. We are all very blessed to be part of the centenary celebrations!

As we move forward to a new year, let's look at how we can be more caring, compassionate and joyful to others and ourselves as well as to our environment.

All the best for the new year!

Be a mindful Aphelionite!

"If we are not fully ourselves, truly in the present moment, we miss everything." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Blessed 2020!

Warmest regards always,

Dr. Chew Tyng Yong


Aphelion Consortium

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