Leadership Programmes

Period: End May

For: Volunteers from Sec 3 and 4 Students 

Hosting of foreign participants invited for the invitation round, including bringing them to visit the various places of interest in Singapore and showing hospitality to our participants. 

Countries that participate include Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China (Shanghai, Hainan), Hong Kong, India , Indonesia (Jakarta, Solo, Surabaya, Medan), Vietnam, Malaysia (Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor (Petaling Jaya), Penang, Perak (Ipoh), Kedah), Singapore , South Korea , Taiwan and The Philippines.

National Day Celebration

The Aphelion council will be coordinating with the various performing groups and classes who will put up their best dedication to the nation in school.

This will allow our student leaders to hone their leadership skills as well as to manage this meaningful event.