Aphelion Council

To promote Aphelion students' welfare, Aphelion Council aims to organise and initiate events to spice up our students' life. We organise events such as Aphelion Celebrates, Aphelion Leadership Camp, Aphelion Induction Programme, Welfare Initiatives and many more! Our Council is made up of Sec 1-3 Aphelion couniliors and is led by the Executive Committee which comprises 5 students.


In line with our Aphelion's motto, our Council also aims to bring students together from different countries or schools, for them to bond with one another and forge new friendships, allowing us to "build bridges". Thereafter, they can work towards a common goal or achieve a feat, "realising their dreams".


Aphelion Council can only function smoothly with all the support from our students, parents and teachers. We truly appreciate them for their help and assistance which allow us to run our events successfully for many years.


Do check out our IG for more information of our upcoming events!

Teachers I/C:

Mr. Lum Wai Kit Bryan (lumwk@hci.edu.sg) / Ms Siti Raihana (raihana@hci.edu.sg)